Perhaps you've got an idea for some particular functionality? Perhaps if you could just link up this system with that you'd save lots of time?

I've written lots of custom built software, giving people efficient ways to get their work done when an off-the-shelf product did not exist or was cumbersome.

Big Examples

  • Grant fundraising management: Helped build knowledge of funders; manage proposal writing and allocation; identify funding needs by project; provide accurate income forecasts; track reporting requirements and payments due.
  • Festival stewarding recruitment: allowed public to sign up for festivals, take a deposit, allow staff to track who was at which stage of the application process; track recruitment targets, identify best and worst candidates, process refunds.
  • Gift Aid processing: My software helps wring the unclaimed tax from your supporters' eligible donations by handling new and retrospective eligibility statements.

Small Examples

  • Picture petitions.
  • Email your MP/campaign target.
  • Equal Opportunities statistics explorer: Who are you attracting? Which advertising sources attract what demographic? What's the difference between those who apply and those you interview or recruit? Find out in a few clicks.
  • Plug-in widgets for everything from twitter, polls, fundraising-o-meters.
  • PDF manipulations: combining, re-ordering, adding headers/footers etc.

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