Help! We need a [better] database

  • Your Excel "database" seemed fine at first but it's no longer manageable?
  • Your want to move from your current database that no longer fits your organisation's needs?
  • Licence fees dragging your budgets down?
  • Need your database to talk to your website?

Wherever you're starting from, I can help.

New database projects begin with a proper sit-down look at your real-world needs - this thorough understanding of your aims and processes will become the foundation for planning your new database. A good database puts the information you need at your fingertips so it can feed effortlessly into helping you get things done.

Artful Robot specialises in CiviCRM, a super-swish, secure online database written by and for the not-for-profit sector. Here's why:

Photo of cups for tea drinking

Tea and talking: effective databases require a proper understanding of how you work.

  • Established software with an 8,000 strong charity/not-for-profit/third-sector user base.

  • Customised, not custom-built: CiviCRM as an off-the-shelf package offers an incredible amount of flexibility and features. Where your needs do require something extra, this can be developed as an extension, limiting the costs and risks associated with entirely bespoke software.

  • Multi-user, simultaneous access to anyone authorised, from anywhere with an internet connection, using the same security technology as online banking.

  • Value for money: Being Open Source software, CiviCRM is developed and maintained by a community of experts (including Artful Robot) from the charity sector. All developments are shared freely for the common good. There are no software licence fees which means you can spend your budget on high quality, experienced technical expertise and support.

  • No vendor lock-in. CiviCRM is not dependent on any one company that could go bust and leave you without access to your data.

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“The database is easy to use and has saved us masses of time; before we had information on several spread sheets, now it’s all in one place. We have contact details, donations and much more on one system.

“It has really helped us to move the business forward.” Footsteps Foundation