Stitching together the best open source technologies to help campaigns, charities and not-for-profits communicate beautifully.

Trusted 20 years

Our experience gives us a deep understanding of
charity, campaigns and not for profit organisations.

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Websites that Work

Our websites are engineered for beauty in presentation and function.

  • Visually powerful design on computers and mobiles alike.

  • Accessible, standards-compliant and search-engine friendly.

  • Easy for your staff to use.

  • Future-flexible and integrated with your other systems.

Fully Managed CRM databases

Fully managed Consitituent Relationship Management (CRM) database systems

CiviCRM Award Badge: Empowering Contributor

  • Built around your organisation's particular needs and processes

  • Cloud-hosted for secure access everywhere

  • Artful Robot has been awarded CiviCRM Empowering Contributor status

Yes! We're Open Source

Open source grants freedom to use, copy, study and make modifications. It means:

  • Reliable and secure: there's more people to fix problems and make improvements.

  • Collaborative. Most of your needs are shared with others so there's less reinventing the wheel.

  • Tailored to you. We can develop modifications for your particular requirements.

  • No licence fees. Don't be held back by expensive licensing or imposed price hikes.

  • No vendor lock-in: you can take everything we do for you and move to another provider. But no client has done this yet.

Artful Robot clients

Donor Conception Network logo
The Feast's logo
Keeo Our NHS public
Windle Trust International
Footsteps Foundation
Climate Outreach
Sumatran Orangutan Society
Campaign Against Arms Trade
The Equality Trust
Practical Action
Community Action Groups
Friends of the Earth
NFP Resourcing
People & Planet
mayBe Community
We Own It