Privacy Policy

We get privacy. Here's what information we use and for what:


This website uses some cookies that are needed for it to work properly. Specifically a has_js session cookie is set to help the website know if it can use javascript. This cookie does not contain any personally identifiable data and is deleted when you close your browser.

If you click the consent button on the popup then a cookie is set (consent-agreed) to remember that you consented - so we don't bother you with the popup anymore - which is kept (on your browser) for 100 days.

If you give your consent, and not until you have done so, the site will use Google Analytics to help us understand how people use the site, which pages are popular etc. There's no adverts or anything like that on this site, just the anonymised data for statistical monitoring. Google Analytics sets a few cookies and sends some data about your browsing of this website to Google for this purpose.

If the pop-up is annoying you too much but you're not OK with our use of Google Analytics, you can find and set your browser's "Do No Track" option - we respect this (not all sites do, by the way) and will not use Google Analytics if you have it set. You can then click the consent button safe in the knowledge that we won't be using Google Analytics. Alternatively there are various browser plugins that can be used to disable tracking. Personally I use Firefox with Tracking Protection enabled by default and Do Not Track set.

You can delete (expire) the consent-agreed and various google analytics related cookies set by this site: Clear cookies.


Any data you choose to provide is transmitted encrypted. The comment form explains what is shown (after moderation) on the public website. Your email address is stored with your comment but is not on the public website. If you want us to delete a comment you've made (or all comments), please contact us and we'll get right on it.

Contacting us

If you use the contact forms, guess what? We receive the information you sent! It is sent encrypted across the internet and I will then keep it as an email in case I need to refer to it in future. Basically this works exactly the same as if you email me directly.

If you phone Rich, data you provide along with voice recognition data will be stored in my brain's memory for a while. It is not kept as long as it used to be. I hope the GDPR is happy with that. More seriously, I may keep a secure record of our call and your contact details so that I can follow up with you. We do not pass your data on to anyone else (unless you specifically ask us to).