What's GoCardless?

  • Cost effective direct debit bureau built for online use.

  • Excellent choice for small-medium organisations because of zero setup and ongoing fees.

  • Traditional Direct Debit bureaus can't compete until you get over 500 monthly direct debits with an average donation beyond £50/month.

  • Great for developers: built on modern REST API; webhooks that are fully logged; fully functioning sandbox accounts for testing.


  • Donors will be aware of the GoCardless brand both in the sign-up process and on their bank statements, although that can also include your organisation's name too. You can pay to use your own BACS SUN number but they charge a lot for this.

  • Quirk: it can use Direct Debits for single payments.

  • Room for improvement: it does not include details of fees charged; manging multiple accounts requires a different email for each account; they had no comment in terms of any ethical or sustainability policies.

CiviCRM GoCardless integration by Artful Robot

Artful Robot CiviCRM GoCardless Payment Processor Extension


  • Enable CiviCRM to use GoCardless to set up recurring donations.

  • Regular donations automatically entered in CiviCRM.

  • If the direct debit is cancelled, it is cancelled in CiviCRM too.

  • Works with CiviCRM's normal contribution pages, but also written so developers can create an entirely bespoke UI and still interface CiviCRM/GoCardless. Example

Status and limitations

  • Just recurring payments; single payments are not supported.

  • My experience of using GoCardless for single payments is poor: people feel weird entering bank details instead of card details and people associate direct debits with regular payments, so this creates a lot of friction. One client moved to card payments for one-offs and suddenly found their supporters much more willing to give. But if anyone needs this, I'm for hire so let's talk.

  • "Beta" but has been in production use since Nov 2016.

  • It's listed as beta because I'm waiting for confirmation that it is working well when used for memberships, since this is not something any of my current clients use.

  • Please use the Issue Queue

Get the extension

  • Register sandbox and live GoCardless accounts.

  • Download a zip file from my extension's page in CiviCRM or from the releases page on github then install it. See the README for full instructions.
    (note there's an older extension with a very similar name, but that extension does not have the same level of functionality -- you want the Artful Robot one.)

  • Register the payment processor using your sandbox credentials. Note that you will never be able to use the a live CiviCRM payment page if it has sandbox credentials in it - so you'll have to use the Test Drive processes with your sandbox credentials. You'll need a live GC account set up before you can use CiviCRM's live processes.

  • Register your site's webhook with each of your GoCardless accounts.

  • Create a Contribution Page and use the Test Drive mode to test it.

  • A final thought is that I have just recently implemented SEPA Core in GoCardless for another CRM, which opens the door to non GBP payments from outside the UK using GoCardless, too.

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