A new website for mayBe community to explain who they are and to welcome newcomers.

mayBe is a small community but it has been featured in a few books recently and lots of people find them through our website. It was important that the site was welcoming and gave a sense of who they are (and perhaps who they are not!) and what they do.

"WOW! Looks fantastic and its clear that you've spent so much time thinking about how mayBe should best reflect itself. I think the site really lets you see the answers to 3 big questions - what event is next, what sort of things have we been doing and how do we best describe ourselves. Perfect for asserting our identity and incredibly useful for new comers and the curious."

Jim mayBe community member

Design and Presentation

  • All site design and most photography

  • Bright, colourful and friendly mobile-responsive design

  • Representative and welcoming

screenshot of mayBe homepage showing latest content

Process & Function

  • Dynamic homepage displays latest content

  • Drupal 7 for intuitive multi-author access

screenshot of photo grid from flickr


  • Photos pulled in through Flickr