Website for We Own It campaign for public services

Our website has propelled the organisation from its inception to a campaign with nearly 50,000 supporters and frequent national media coverage in just a few years. New tools are continually being developed to help communicate and co-ordinate campaigns.

'Rich does a fantastic job on our website - he created it, updates it, refreshes it and adds new features whenever we need them. He is very efficient, responsive and reliable whenever something needs sorting.

He's endlessly patient with people (like me) who don't have a clue about the technical side of things. He is also imaginative and creative about how the website can be improved and achieves brilliant results on a small budget.

Rich is a huge asset to the campaign and we couldn't have made the progress we've made without him.'

Cat Hobbs Director, We Own It

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Design and Presentation

  • Design to embody trustworthy, passionate and powerful campaign.

  • Clearly represent research and data, including interactive animated infographics.

  • Mobile and SEO -friendly HTML5 design.

  • Careful presentation of related content.

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Function & Process

  • Petition data collection with social media share buttons and automated thanks emails.

  • Browseable/searchable resource databases to help information discovery.

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  • Mailchimp for emails.

  • Stripe for secure card donations.

  • GoCardless for supporter Direct Debits.

  • PayPal for donations.

  • Organic Campaigns' iParl for parliamentarian campaigning.