Scholarships application and management system with CiviCRM

As well as creating a new website to represent Windle Trust International as world-class education providers, this project includes a complex multi-stage application system for both applicants and staff teams in different countries. The project has increased operating efficiency and accuracy dramatically.

“It has helped us migrate applications to an online system, which is more transparent, accountable and easier to manage. Applications are easy to trace, view, and monitor both by the local Windle office in the country candidates are applying from as well as the UK. As the applications are linked to the database we don’t have to separately enter data, which saves time. It is also an improved basis for ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

“It was a pleasure to work with Rich ... It looks good, is user friendly and has been well received by staff and applicants”.

Samantha Davies, WTI Director (Sudan & UK)

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Design and Presentation

  • Positive, empowering, professional design.

  • Mobile-friendly and standards-compliant HTML5 website.

  • Makes complex processes appear straight forward, intuitive and reliable.

Demo screenshot of an application

Process & Function

  • Interactive eligibility check, reduces wasted time through self-screening.

  • Applicants can draft their application in one visit or many and submit when ready.

  • Custom workflow management system enables different staff teams different access for shortlisting, interviewing, rejecting or accepting applications on a per-country basis.

  • Centralisation reduces lost paperwork, improves monitoring and efficiency.

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CRM Database

  • Secure CiviCRM database enables central administration.

  • Scholarships application and awards data integrated with CiviCRM Activities.

  • CiviCRM's API used to expose restricted subsets of data in a clean and clear way to applicants and different staff teams.

  • Extended name search to handle multi-word names that can appear in any order and/or include repeated names.